August 1, 2012

Lose the Scent

For a minute there, I lost myself.
I basically dropped out of the internet world for 2.5 months.
Everything internet came from my phone up until Monday.
I do not know if it was liberating or disillusioning.

This one has been sitting around for a while but I just now decided to finish it. It is really over-gained I think. I guess I need better equipment because these shitty microphones do not help.

Lose the Scent
All my friends that I used to know are far away. Bit by bit, they let me go until judgement day. They'll lose the scent. It's like I came and went.
Maintaining the status quo, we trim the fray. Nothing but added woes are on display.
They'll lose the scent. It's like I came and went.
The longer I stay, the more it shows. All the days run by like I'm moving slow. And  you never know what comes next. Will it be the same if I'm back again?
They'll lose the scent. It's like I came and went.
We cause ripples in the water when we jump in. The coolness of it can soothe the skin. The rush of cold can cause a thrill; but, when we leave the water it goes back to still.
They'll lose the scent. It's like I came and went.

Contrary to the song, I am not unhappy.
I guess I just miss friends is all.

Hopefully I will post another by day's end on this beginning of August.

January 27, 2012

A Coat

I made my song a coat
Covered with embroideries
Out of old mythologies
From heel to throat;
But the fools caught it,
Wore it in the world's eyes
As though they'd wrought it.
Song, let them take it,
For there's more enterprise
In walking naked.

I keep my books by the bed and reread that Yeats poem yesterday. Just thought I would share--not that I feel it is applicable to what I am doing here. So, in lieu of my boring life, I will post three pictures instead of two.

I started out making this next track because I told myself I wanted to be consistent and productive. In other words, something that I wanted to do. However, it probably ended up just being something that I needed to do. That does not make it any more or less enjoyable for you, or for me. Probably just something that I needed to tell myself. Plus, I am playing more and more piano--even if it is out of necessity. Oh, and I used my chest as a bass drum--i.e. I hit myself too hard.. too many times.

What's real and what's fake? And, what happens when you can't decide? What you feel is what's at stake when it's all left inside. So, you sit around and don't push the issue. You just debate and self-doubt.. but know the outcomes. When the moment reaches climax and it hits you, know you'll react then move on. So, just keep calm.
Grab it by the throat, take hold. Don't let go. It's your destiny. Don't be the one that's choked. Be the one who shows what you know is meant to be.
If you sit still and don't take what you've worked for all this time, it's a dream killed when you wake; so, be a man and don't let it slide.

More later.

January 20, 2012


It pulls me here and there.

I believe that this is the section of the story where I introduce a problem. It will pull you in and make you more interested in the character. The character happens to be me in this instance. So, I am faced with the task of giving you a problem that will endear you to me. Yeah, forget that. Nobody wants to hear how pedestrian everyday things are--me included. My problem is that I am losing time looking through pictures to put on this blog when I should be thinking about eating something before I get ready for work. I know, you want my life.

Attraction is an interesting thing.

So, I have not played the guitar in a week or more. I sort of feel like I am experiencing withdraws. The good thing is that I have other avenues of sound. I know that I am not that great at it but I have my synthesizer. I figured that it was time for me to actually make another song that revolved around a piano. The last one that I wrote was done by hand but then the notes were plugged into a virtual piano (I could not find my extra cord!). This time around, I have my cord and the actual sounds. Fun. I made myself write this one too, so, it may be less than ordinary. -- Fun fact: when I save songs, the names that I give them are just things that I had read or thought about right before then. This one is saved under "Banana Lawsuit." I swear, I am not a total loser.

When the things we say aren't written and we don't have time to think or thank ourselves for the preparations we had made, the words may seem to stumble over themselves and they mimic the way we fell for each other. But, I love that it won't change the way we are with one another.
We're learning eachother's lines. and we're taking our time. We're reading eachother's cues and may miss a few but when it's through the only thing we'll miss is another kiss. So come closer, dear.
I'm always going to have my quips, and qualms, and quirks, and other Q's. I'll always hope you'll cuddle, and care, and kiss, and show me love. When it's just us two I'll rise above.

He wants to nuzzle my face off, trust me.

I need to get ready for work. I get paid today. That's cool I guess.
More soon.


January 4, 2012

This Is Just Saying

My feet are a bit cold. I did not ask for it but was surprised with it, rather. 

I ate 
the ice cream 
that was on 
the counter

you were probably 
for sundaes. 

Forgive me, 
it was delicious.
I only left
a spoonful.
Ahh, to misremember poems. I just checked, and I got the basic structure right on that one. I remember the words to the original but was not completely sure of the structure. I have not actually, to sound like a pompous asshole, composed any verse in a long while. Maybe I should do that relatively soon. I miss my love affair with words and my ongoing tussle with the muse.

Comparatively, Miami's bridges have neon lights shining on them.

So, I am in this interesting situation as of late. I am so prone to hesitation in this area of things. It ever clouds my decisions--that, and plain apprehension. Though, yesterday, I watched True Grit and it underlined my thought process on the need to be headstrong while also leading with the heart. The juste milieu yet again. This song sort of came out of that. Oh, and adding bells automatically makes this sound happy, right? Great aside!: I had the window open recording this and got a great field recording of leaves blowing on the concrete. I did not realize how much I missed that sound.

Call it fate. Call it what you will. Just look at the things it brought to you--like the chance to feel safe again. It's laid bare. All you have to do is share your life, so, don't be scared. Can you take what's given to you and make it grow roots? All the time spent comes back to you. All the grit and grime under your nails is just another detail of what you've made. So, once it's set, let's move like snails. So, let me tell you how it is. When the table's empty and you feel hungry, I'll be there to fix it. And, if you don't feel lovely, then I've got a bone to pick with you. You must not see what I always do.

I wanted to post a good portrait. I failed.

I guess this is as good a way to start with the new year.
No clanking of crystal. Just a tune.